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Dual Enrollment is an instructional program that provides a unique and sustainable way to advance access and equity to higher education for high school students with the same standards and quality as are consistent with those established college wide. The High School Outreach Office is dedicated to fostering strong local networks among secondary and post-secondary educators which results in a seamless transition for students as they move from high school to college. Through our commitment, we provide an accessible, affordable and flexible avenue for high school students to accelerate into advanced post-secondary education.

The first point of contact for dual enrollment is the high school director of counseling or lead counselor for students in the public schools. If the student is home schooled, the student should contact the High School Outreach Office. Payment for dual enrolled courses depends upon where the courses are taken. The point of contact at LFCC is always the High School Outreach staff. We have a very detailed website that explains DE

If courses are offered at the high school under a signed Virginia State Contract for Dual Enrollment and teachers have been credentialed to teach for LFCC, the student will pay their high school the tuition required based upon the Formula Funding Method for that school division. LFCC will bill the high school for 100% of the tuition. The school division will then send a check to the Business Office to cover the tuition billed for their high school(s).

Students are enrolled based upon the start date of their respective school division. Given this, the deadline dates may be different from on-campus. We have school divisions that begin school August 8, and others that won’t begin until September 6. Their deadlines for submitting registration forms (which are all manual) and paying are set based upon their start/end dates for that semester. LFCC works with each school division on required dates. These are set in April so everyone is aware of their deadlines. By April, all school calendars have been set for the upcoming school year.

For students who are enrolling on campus, students will register using a form that includes the appropriate signatures and will meet with someone in the High School Outreach Office. Students pay the Business Office for their tuition and fees.

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