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Colleges and universities across the nation have been grappling with how to continue to provide instruction and assess student learning since there has been so much disruption in our daily lives. In an effort to ensure equity for our very diverse student population, effective for any course ending after April 6, the Virginia Community College System will add pass/fail grades in addition to the traditional letter grades you are accustomed to.

The goal is to find the best possible outcome for each individual student. The default grading scale will be Pass/Incomplete/Withdraw, but you as the student will have the authority to choose traditional letter grades. Your professors will be reaching out to each of you to determine which grading option will be most beneficial for your individual situation. The definitions of the options are listed below:

Traditional A, B, C, D, F

  • Course grades count in the GPA calculation
  • Course grades (with the exception of F) count toward degree requirements
  • Only course grades of C or higher are accepted by four-year colleges/universities at transfer

P+ = equates to earning a “C” or higher in the course

  • P+ grade will not count in GPA calculation
  • P+ grade will count toward degree/certificate requirements
  • P+ grade will be accepted in transfer to Virginia public four-year colleges/universities

P- = equates to earning a “D” in a course

  • P- grade will not count in GPA calculation
  • P- grade will count toward degree/certificate requirements
  • P- grade will not be accepted in transfer to Virginia public four-year colleges/universities

I = Incomplete

  • Students who are making satisfactory progress in a course but may not be able to complete this spring semester may request from their professor the option of an Incomplete grade. An agreement must be reached between the professor and the student for how this work will be completed.

W = Withdraw

  • Students who simply cannot finish a course have the option to request a withdraw. This request must be made by May 11.
  • The LFCC transcript will show a “W” grade for the course.

The goal of this change is two fold: (1) we want to ensure students who are satisfactorily completing coursework are able to receive a passing grade; and (2) we want to reduce the stress and anxiety students are experiencing as they have moved to an online instructional environment and may also be coping with personal challenges resulting from Covid-19.

Last Date to Withdraw

  • For students enrolled in a 15 week, 14 week, 12 week, second 8-week, or third 5-week class, the last date to withdraw without grade penalty has been extended to May 11.

Emergency Funds and Scholarships

The Covid-19 pandemic is requiring us to operate in ways we have never operated before. It also motivates us to identify as many resources as possible to support students during this ever changing situation, particularly the economic impact your families may be experiencing.  

Thanks to the generosity of donors in our community, the LFCC Educational Foundation has several Emergency Assistance Funds to address exceptional financial hardship facing LFCC students caused by recent unexpected life events that could affect your continuing education. If you think you may qualify for an emergency assistance grant, please visit the Emergency Funds website. The link to the online application is also on this website.

The LFCC Educational Foundation is also accepting applications right now for more than 200 scholarships. This application takes only a few minutes to complete – and it’s easy! Please visit the Scholarship website to apply today. Don’t assume you are not eligible – we have a wide variety of scholarships.  While we accept applications year round, I strongly encourage you to apply by the first priority deadline of April 5.  Student will be notified beginning in mid-May. 

We want to help you be successful. Please continue to go to the Coronavirus website ( and send us any questions/concerns you might have.


Students that are required to complete the Statement of Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose can complete the form online while the campus is closed.

(Student Accounts > ARR / Academic Advising)

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